Top secret documents examples

Of the government’s 4,000 original classifiers, only 800 can label something top secret. Additionally, new documents that draw on classified sources can be automatically.

The new TOP SECRET cover sheet (orange Standard Form 703), SECRET cover sheet (red Standard Form 704), and CONFIDENTIAL cover sheet (blue Standard Form 705) now provide instructions on the reverse sides of the forms on the correct marking, storage, handling, and transmission of classified information.

Hell Hillary had an unprotected computer loaded with top secret material in her home and cell phones that were loaded, when she was Secretary of State. The computer's hard drives were smashed with hammers and the phones bleach bitten. She was then.pardoned by James Comey.




Oct 04, 2022 · The U.S. government amassed more secrets during World War I, including this 1918 confidential U.S. intelligence report on a German formula for invisible ink (which wasn't finally declassified until 2011).Just before World War II, President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued Executive Order 8381 to protect various types of sensitive military information..

Aug 31, 2022 · As Insider has previously reported, blue cover sheets are used to label "CONFIDENTIAL" documents, red is used to label "SECRET" documents, and orange is used to label "TOP SECRET"....

Top secret information or activity is intended to be kept completely secret, for example in order to prevent a country's enemies from finding out about it. The top secret documents had to do with the most advanced military equipment..